Firefox Focus: A new iOS app for private browsing


Firefox has a new browser for iOS that emphasizes on privacy and has other enhancements aimed at boosting performance.


The Firefox Focus app puts user privacy first and by default blocks many of the trackers without needing changes in privacy or cookie settings. The browser is clean with no tabs, menus, or pop-ups.

And with a simple tap on the ‘Erase’ button you can clear all recent cookies, website history or passwords. The Erase button is prominently located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Since by default the app blocks advertising, social and analytics tracking, you can expect a fast and seamless browsing experience.

Internet privacy has taken centerstage with sensitive information breaches and leaks affecting both individuals and businesses. A break in can reveal your address, credit card information, emails, passwords etc.

“We live in an age where too many users have lost trust and lack meaningful controls over their digital lives. For some users, it seems as though your web activities can follow you everywhere – across devices, across accounts. To make matters worse, the web can often feel cluttered. That’s why we are introducing Firefox Focus,” says Mozilla.

“This accessibility of information is one of the most powerful aspects of the web,” it further notes. “It is all the more powerful when anonymity is protected.”

Firefox Focus is available for download on the App Store. It was earlier launched as a Safari content blocker on iOS. This time around it comes as a standalone app. Access the Settings section to on or off the data you want to block, like ad trackers, analytics trackers or other content trackers.


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