Quick Charge 4.0 is here: 20% faster charging, more efficient


Qualcomm today launched the next generation of its Quick Charge technology for smartphones and tablets.

The new Quick Charge 4 apparently is 20 percent faster at charging devices and includes protections against battery overcharging. For now, the technology will be available with the next generation Snapdragon 835 processor which is expected to ship early 2017.

Quick Charge 4 is designed to extend use of a device by five hours with only five minutes of charging. For those who consume a lot of multimedia content, you may not run out of juice too quickly. Quick Charge 4 also integrates USB Type-C and USB-PD support, making it available on the widest variety of cables and adapters.

“As mobile devices become more capable and feature rich, people tend to use them more. That’s why consumer demand and awareness for fast-charging solutions is now at an all-time high,” said Alex Katouzian, a senior vice president of Qualcomm.

“Quick Charge 4 addresses that need by providing up to 50 percent battery charge in roughly 15 minutes or less, so you don’t have to spend all day chained to your charging cable.”

The latest features a unique power-management algorithm designed by Qualcomm. The INOV (Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage) includes a real-time thermal management. Another highlight is the advanced safety features for both the adapter and mobile device. It accurately measures voltage, current, and temperature while protecting the battery, system, cables and connectors.

Qualcomm says there are more than 100 Quick Charge compatible mobile devices and more than 300 unique accessory products in the market. Accessories include car adapters, battery packs and docking stations.


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