Classic is the new: Mint’s SLR670-S is the only instant camera you’ll need


Mint is a very unique company that offers refurbished classical cameras for sale with modern upgrades. They’re very good at what they do and bring a touch of class and modernity to some tasteful old gadgets. They’ve also just announced a brand new instant camera.

Mint has refurbished around 10,000 Polaroid SLR670 cameras with modern features added. And to mark that number, they decided to remake the classy model using their own imagination. This one’s called the SLR670-S. Although its previous iterations have features such as shutter speed control, it’s got an added bunch of bells and whistles like other auto-mode options.

It’s got a modern motherboard and an electric eye which replaces the older parts and adds more image stabilization to the camera. For the looks, it comes with a pretty neat gold trim, upping the classy factor. There’s also a second auto mode which allows the camera to shoot both high and low ISO instant films. This makes it easier for users to use more sensitive film in the camera for those low-light shots without needing to tweak the manual settings.

It’ll still come with the same features as we’ll see in their regular range of refurbished cameras including the adjustable shutter speed up to 1/2,000 second with fixed f/8 lens, which is usually the case with Polaroids. The special bulb mode allows users to take those long exposure shots – which means star trails and still object photos will look pretty good. Not bad for a polaroid camera that can make instant photos, right? The T mode of the camera allows the users to let the camera automatically record long exposure shots where they just need to double click the shutter button to start and then another time when they want to end the exposure shot.

That’s all that the new camera can offer. It’ll be a good proposition, considering it’ll be a unique piece of hardware and with the kind of specifications we’re seeing on these cameras, it’s unlikely that people will find these features elsewhere. But it’ll come at a cost – $675. It’ll come with a black and brown colour option and gold accents on the side.


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