The Anti-Snore Wearable does exactly what it says


Snoring completely ruins the sleeping experience for those around the snorer. And while there are many other contraptions and clips available for diminishing this sleeping deterrent, there’s a new Anti-Snore wearable in town, that’s aptly called, the Anti-Snore Wearable.

It first launched on Kickstarter this week and while regular anti-snoring devices would require the snorer to wear it atop their nose, this one needs the wearer to wear it on their arm. But the way it works is a bit more aggressive. The wearable is paired with an app and whenever it senses that the wearer is snoring, it’ll make the wearable vibrate a little, urging the user to shift until they stop snoring. It’ll definitely save the user from the jabs and kicks they might get from their partner otherwise.

The app not only analyses the snoring pattern, but also tracks sleep in order to optimize bedtime thanks to its own algorithm. However, there could be chances that wearable – a band that the user has to wear around their arm, would not be able to detect certain instance when the user is actually snoring or whether it was just their alarm clock. It’ll pair with the user’s phone over Bluetooth and the free app will do all the algorithm. But the app can make a personal record of the user’s personal habits and track exactly what induces the snoring – like alcohol, medication or even smoking.

The band itself is a little thick and is made of an elastic strap, a soft leather holster and of course, the vibration device with the Bluetooth antennae. It’s got its own internal battery for powering the vibrations, but whether it can be charged or replaced hasn’t been clearly mentioned by the company.

The Anti-Snore Wearable is available on Kickstarter for $77. It’ll also be sold in packs, which means that users will be able to use multiple bands at specific periods of time. A good night’s sleep isn’t going to be as much of a farfetched ‘dream’ now, hopefully!


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