The best multi-port dongle for MacBook Pro owners


A lot of new devices, especially laptops nowadays like the Acer Swift, the HP Envy and the new MacBook Pro have done away with ‘traditional’ input ports like SD cards and USB 3.0 ports. And that makes living with these new-fangled products a lot more difficult than it should be. And there comes in the Arc Hub to the rescue.

The Arc Hub is the saviour from entangled dongles and adapters that force users to wire their older cords to their computers and just gives them a single hub for everything they want to attach or detach. It’s a good solution to a very prevalent problem in these current technological times where companies are confused about adopting new standards, while consumers are confused as to how they should cope with these new standards.

The Arc Hub isn’t the only solution out there, but it offers something a lot of the others probably might not. It offers HDMI-Out, a Mini DisplayPort, an SD Card slot, two USB-C ports and two standard USB ports, which should be enough for anyone to enjoy. It comes in a pretty sexy circular shaped disc and is actually a pretty big device. That’s mostly because it offers so much and is meant to be used more as a proper permanent fixture on a user’s desk.

It is ergonomic in shape which means that external drives can be easily attached without any need of crowding. It’s made of aluminium, glass and silicon. And with all those materials and functionality, it’ll come at quite the cost. That cost is precisely $104.99. It’s a pretty expensive device, but considering that it’s got the makings of being perhaps the ultimate multi-dongle utility out there right now, it’s got a lot going for itself.

We won’t get to have it any time soon though, as pre-orders are going on now and it’ll be available only through the company’s own website. While pre-orders will only be accepted until December 31, the shipping will begin early 2017.

These should sell like hot-cakes, unless someone swaps the glass and aluminium and silicon for some cheaper plastic materials to run down the cost and provide a cheaper alternative – which could happen any moment now, actually. But this is a device that professionals especially will appreciate.


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