Apple iOS 10.2 beta 3: Here are 4 features to look forward to


There’s a new iOS update that’s being tested in beta and it’s got quite a few features that a lot of iPhone users will be interested in. Here are four of those features that should receive their due hype until the official version releases.

1) Emojis
Perhaps the most notable feature about the update, the new set of emoji added to the platform will put everyone’s messaging game on fleek. Not only will Apple be adding 72 more emoji to their existing line-up, they’ll also be redesigning their old emoji. Some of the new emoji to look forward to will be the Selfie, the Gorilla (which we’re pretty sure is Harambe) and also Avocados for the millennials out there.

2) System Changes
Apple will be offering new wallpapers for users as well as newer music sorting options, along with buttons for shuffling and repeating. It’s also revamped the Maps app and Photos app, offers a new Home app and will also offer QuickType predictions, courtesy of Siri’s intelligence integration.

3) Messages with Love
They have also managed to pull a Whatsapp and Messenger with the heart symbol, playing a big part. When someone sends the heart symbol, the whole background will turn into a giant heart. So it’ll probably be a little more than embarrassing when someone accidentally sends that to their crush. Also entertaining, yes. The effect will be called ‘Send with Love’.

4) TV and SOS
The TV app gets a bit of a makeover and gets Apple’s proprietarily designed TV guide which is known for simplifying watching TV. Those with the Apple TV should benefit loads. The TV app will be replacing the Videos app. Apple also decided to remove the SOS feature from its last update for some strange reason – maybe because no one really used it?

The iOS 10 is Apple’s self-proclaimed biggest ever update. And while Android fan-boys are still smugly laughing that they get multi-window support and better customization, they’ll be hoping for those new emoji that Apple will be providing their faithful. Apart from the revamped lock screen, the object and facial recognition in their Photos app, they’re doing something right.

Oh, and the new Mario game will be releasing on the iOS first too, very soon. It’s not part of the update, but it’s something Apple users will enjoy earlier.


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