Latest LuMee 2 case is sleek, more brighter for selfies on iPhones


LuMee, the manufacturer of those unique smartphone cases that lightens up when equipped to a mobile device, has two new cases for iPhones.

The LuMee 2 is an upgraded series with 93 percent more brightness than the original LuMee. The case is a perfect accessory for bright pictures or video chatting.

The company’s CEO Robert G Pedersen II said LuMee 2 is sleek and stylish and with professional quality lighting, selfies and other pictures will be flawless. “With a thinner yet tougher outer shell and soft edges, we are confident that our customers will love this case even more than the original and it will be on everyone’s holiday wish list,” he added.

Besides the ultra-slim design, iPhone users will see a repositioned on/off switch and also a separate space for camera button to accommodate the new iPhone models.

The cases boast of soft rubberized edges with cushioned corners for protection and easy removal of the phone from the case. It retails at $59.95 for iPhone 7 and iPhone 6 models

Headquartered in New Jersey, LuMee first debuted its smartphone case in 2014. The front-facing LED lit case soon gained widespread popularity driving higher revenue growth.

LuMee cases also come in a range of colors. The latest LuMee 2 has Matte Black, Matte Gold, Matte Rose and Glossy White versions. You can purchase the cases on the official website or at participating Best Buy stores in the U.S. and Canada.


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