HTC makes its Vive VR headset wireless, adds the new TPCast adapter


HTC’s VR headset is about to get a pretty convenient upgrade that most users will want to switch to pretty soon. HTC has just announced an add-on to let users use the headset without it being tethered to the PC.

This upgrade is possible thanks to HTC’s connections with TPCast, who made an adapter that, when connected to the Vive VR headset, will make it possible to use the device without any wires or cables. The adapter can be easily clipped onto the headset and seamlessly receive and transmit data to and from the PC system. It’s being sold as a kit and will be compatible with all variants of the Vive headset.

The kit will enable the user to use the VR headset for an unimpressive 90 minutes. That makes us wish came with a more powerful battery pack on it at launch, but TPCast has other plans for that. But hey, wireless, right? But it will also put the Vive ahead of its competitors, just after it starts shipping early 2017. But as far as availability is concerned, it’ll only be available in Chinese stores.

Since VR gaming provides a room to explore, as in a literal room, a wireless VR headset will be a great prospect for all gamers out there. Without having to worry about getting entangled by the wire or tripping over them as they walk around a new level. A lot of reviewers have shared their angst towards the cabling so this is one way of solving that problem. We should give HTC their due credit.

But yes, TPCast is offering a bigger battery in the eventual future that users can place in their pocket, but it’ll be a good edition nevertheless. The wireless add-on will be available for $220. But will add to the cost of a Vive system which costs $800 by itself, plus $950 for a VR capable gaming PC.

As of now, HTC hasn’t announced any plans of releasing the kit outside of China for the rest of the world to benefit from, but as the pre-orders have already reached their limit, it seems like people are really looking forward to a wireless experience.

2017 seems like a really good year for gaming already!


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