Here is a glimpse of Samsung’s new foldable smartphone


Remember that ad which Samsung proudly displayed of a girl meeting a couple of guys showing off their cool new bendable smartphones? Well it was weird way to showcase a love triangle, but they didn’t fail to showcase the future of the bendable smartphone. Now it’s almost officially here!

A patent application released by Samsung recently showed how their very latest prototype of foldable smartphones may work. The application basically shows that there’s a hinge present between the smartphone that will allow the phone and the screen to bend. It’ll be more like a rubber hinge in order increase or decrease the level of bendiness the user wants their phone to have, in order for it to ergonomically fit in the hand.

It’ll sort of look like a more portable version of the Surface Book if one can make out the hinge in the images, which is strikingly similar to the Surface’s. People are expecting that this blueprint will be available in the form of the Galaxy X, which Samsung has been working on for the past few years. By the looks of the form-factor, it seems like they’ll be employing a taller size for the screen. In the renderings of the device made in Samsung’s document, it seems that Samsung won’t do away with the home button on the device, although it’s subjective to the final design at launch.

But the phone could be released as early as 2017, making it in the running to be one of the most hyped smartphones of next year. With the S8 also promising some new features in its new iteration, we’re thinking 2017 could be the year of the galaxy; as it should, since this year hasn’t really been ‘note’ worthy.

But Samsung will have stiff competition at the time of its foldable phone’s release from LG and Lenovo as they’re also about to release their very own foldable smartphones next year as well. We aren’t sure exactly where these concepts fit and how practical they are for daily use, since the curved display on the Note and the S7 Edge offer quite a bit of glare when viewed head-on, thanks to the folds. They do have their uses, but they could also use some more evolution in terms of design.

Let’s hope that they don’t do away with the headphone jack too.


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