Flash is Facebook’s new Snapchat-style app for emerging markets


Facebook has launched a Snapchat clone for emerging markets. The new standalone app is named Flash. The app is clearly to woo users in countries such as Brazil, India and Indonesia, where Internet connectivity is still a challenge.

For now, Flash is available on Android for users in Brazil. We don’t know when the video and messaging app will be introduced in other markets. It is less than 25MB in size and will even work in areas with limited connectivity.

Engadget reports that the app was created by a team within the social network in charge of building apps for developing nations. “They also could’ve been the ones behind Facebook and Messenger Lite,” it notes.

Facebook of late has shifted its focus on emerging markets, attempting to extract greater revenue with tailored products. Just recently, the social media giant launched a slimmed down version of its popular Messenger app.

Specially designed to work in areas with slower Internet connections, Messenger Lite, brought all the core features, including the ability to send text messages, photos and links using less data. The app was initially rolled out in Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela.


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