8 reasons why you need to buy the PS4 Pro


The PS4 Pro has finally arrived, taking the top spot among this generation of consoles. Here are 8 reasons why people should be considering buying it, even though they won’t get to still play their beloved Blu-Ray DVDs. Who plays DVDs now anyway, right?

1. The Most Powerful Console of the Current Generation
The PS4 doesn’t have a ‘Pro’ suffixed to it just for show. It’s got an upgraded CPU and memory, 2.1GHz and 8GB + 1 GB. That extra 1GB is for the system to use in the background for downloading content, etc, making gameplay as smooth as possible.

2. Replaceable Storage
Now often times, DLCs aren’t very appreciated commodities, since they have to take up valuable space on the console’s hard drive. Even games, as a matter of fact, which happen to come as digital downloads. But this time around, the folks over at Sony have allowed for the storage to expand, thanks to a swappable tray at the back of the console. So users can install their own larger capacity hard-drives and even SSDs for super-fast streaming! As is, the PS4 comes with a very respectable 1TB of storage, so that’s going to be plenty to start with!

3. Hello 4K!
Of course, the reason why they would want to upgrade the PS4 would be to take advantage of the new standard for displays out there – 4K media. So, the PS4 will make 4K gaming playable for games which support them! No more 1080p gaming on consoles anymore.

4. Compatibility with PS4 Games
Although this is technically a newer version of the console, it won’t need its own games, since it’ll be compatible with regular PS4 games as well. So, no one’s left out. Doesn’t mean that they’ll all be up-scaled to 4K, just the ones that have been patched to do so.

5. An Extra USB
Apart from the two USB ports that come as standard on the front of the console, it also sports one USB 3.0 port on the back, for connecting those hardware peripherals like…

6. VR!
Of course, since it supports 4K viewing, the PS4 will also support the ability to transmit through VR headsets. So there’s going to be a lot of unimaginable viewing experiences going to happen in the living room. We can imagine playing Doom with VR to be literally a hell of an experience.

7. A New DualShock
There’s also a new DualShock 4 that the PS4 Pro comes with. The controller is a little more ergonomic this time around, if other reviews are to be believed. It has a strip on the front with LED lighting this time around, for making it easier to decipher the controller number for those multiplayer games. It won’t make much of a difference for those who have held a DualShock 4 before, but they’ll appreciate the minor changes.

8. Pricing
The PS4 Pro will retail for $399. That’s it. And we get it with the 1TB storage drive as well. It’s just $100 more than the slim but provides content worth much more, if people really want to take advantage of that 4K media. Being realistic, the ‘master-race’ of computers that could probably come close to the performance of the PS4 Pro, would retail for nothing less than $700. And that’s also discounting the PS exclusive games. So people probably might be missing out there too. Take that, PC users!

As far as value goes, Sony has hit the nail on the head. It’s going to be quite enough for many of us to live through long after Microsoft announces the next Xbox upgrade – Project Scorpion. It should also hold up a fair bit against Nintendo’s new Switch console, thanks to its plethora of games as well as its remastered classics.


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