TCL’s XESS home tablet comes with Alexa, makes it a lot more sensible


TCL had released their popular XESS home-purpose tablet earlier this year which remained a big hit. Now, it’s added another new feature in an upgrade with the addition of Alexa.

The 17-inch tablet from TCL has always had a firm place in the households of modern families, being a quick and easy portal to see notes and reminders form people, as well as making it possible for the kids to watch some free Nickelodeon as well.

The XESS also comes with its own camera that can be fitted anywhere in the house for security footage. The main purpose of the camera would be as a baby monitor, but it’ll also work for those who want to check on the kitchen stove or whether the kids are playing safe outside.

The XESS doesn’t play around in specs. It comes as a 17.3-inch tablet with a display resolution of 1080 pixels. It’s got 3GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage and an AMD Octa-core CPU clocked at 1.5GHz. TCL has ensured the tablet has a feel of its own in the interface, with its ow skinned UI atop an Android 5.1 build. It looks a lot more fluid for a tablet interface and works just fine for every feature that TCL has enabled the tablet with.

So, we’re certain that this smart tablet will provide the goods when needed. With the new upgrade, the XESS now comes with Amazon Alexa. Meaning every single smart home device can now be controlled by voice via the Xess. So, it’ll control the lights, the heat, the fans and even the music system. The tablet will also now be able to tell the user of the weather conditions and also whether they can book a Uber.

It’ll also come with an app for recipes for the kitchen, which seems quite odd since it really won’t be used just for the kitchen anymore. Also, the upgraded version of the XESS won’t come with the Nickelodeon streaming like last time around. It’ll retain the same form factor as last time, with the ring at the back that can also be used as a stand. It’s got a very capable 9600 mAh battery pack with quick charging!

Lastly, at $500, we’re pretty sure that a 17-inch tablet with Alexa will be enough for users to be satisfied. And that’s just the introductory price for now, so those who really want to get their hands on one of these should head to Amazon right away. We’re not sure if the older variant will be getting an update to get Alexa, since they’ve not commented on the possibility just yet.


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