The Huawei Fit is here: Top 8 highlights of the fitness tracker


Huawei just announced a new wearable and it will be mistaken for last year’s Pebble Time Round. It’ll be available for $130 on all online retailers. It’s essentially a great alternative to the Fitbit, but that’s not all. Here are 8 features about this device should make buying this device a considerable option.

1. The Screen

It’s got a round display screen, with an always-on monochrome display. It’ll provide useful information like the time, the steps taken, date and other details. A round screen reminds us of Motorola’s earlier smartwatches and it’s a good form-factor. Not all fitness devices come with screens and at this price point, it’s a good addition.

2. The Package

It’s waterproof and can track when the user is sleeping, walking or running automatically. It’s a very minimally featured watch so it’s very easy to navigate and easy to swipe through, without any lag. Unlike most wearables with touchscreens.

3. Tracking

Its heart rate monitor can track accurately, thanks to its self-proclaimed high-signal strength. But we’ll take Huawei’s word on that. It can also track activities such as swimming, running, cycling and treadmill workouts. It’s got some good visuals to show tracking too on the screen. It’s accurate as can be, and for a wearable whose focus is to stay fit, it’s pretty convincing.

4. App Integration

The Huawei Fit can be integrated with Huawei’s own Wear app that can be downloaded from the PlayStore or the App Store. It provides much deeper information that we can see from the watch and also set configurations for alarms exercises and so on. It can share data with other existing apps such as the Apple HealthKit, Up by Jawbone and MyFitnessPal. It also allows for easy re-pairing whenever the watch is disconnected. And while the wearable itself doesn’t have its own GPS tracking, it can integrate with the phone’s.

5. Making You Fit

Now the Fit, actually does want its users to get out and do exercises. It’s got its own training centre that trains users to prepare for 5K, 10K, half marathons and full marathons. All these can be set through the Wear app as well.

6. It’s also a Smart Watch

The Fit can also be used as a Smartwatch to a certain extent. It tells the time and also displays any incoming messages or calls that have occurred on the paired handset. It’s a much-appreciated addition of features, bringing in the barebones of a smartwatch to a fitness tracker. Not all fitness trackers can claim they bring this with their price points.

7. Battery

The battery on this thing is awesome – up to 6 days of battery on a single charge with normal usage and a standby time of up to 30 days. That’s pretty impressive, considering that it’s got an always-on display. Charging the device takes a little less than two hours to top the battery life.

8. Customization

What users will enjoy most out of the Fit is that it’s got the standard 18mm watch-strap. And while it comes with a variety of watch straps in itself, users will be able to even fit it with a leather strap or a cheap nylon one from the local watch-repair shop. Huawei knows how to think about the masses for sure.

With all these features plus a very tempting price of $130, the Fit seems destined to be flown off the shelves as fast it will be coming in. People won’t want to remove the watch once it’s on. It’s also something Huawei is very good at – making devices that just work how we would want them to. It’s a promising prospect, that 9/10 would buy for sure.


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