SPUD is a 24-inch display that can be folded into your bag


SPUD is a pop-up display which allows users to duplicate their screens from their laptops or PCs for presentations, videos or games from their tablets and smartphones. While there are already some good alternatives for a secondary screen available on the market, the SPUD could probably trump them in convenience.

The SPUD has some large screen real-estate at 24-inches. It’s collapse-able and turns into a book-sized package for easy carrying around. The technology is pretty smart. Basically, it consists of an umbrella screen, with a rear-mounted projector. It can support brightness levels between 100 and 225 lumens.

And although the display is quite big, the resolution on it tops at 1280×720. It can connect through an HDMI cable or a wireless output and by itself, can run for up to four hours at a time through its battery. Now a few disadvantages one might come across with a gadget such as this, is that since it’s a projector based display, it’ll be pretty dull to look at in most environments. It’s also not really thin. It looks decently boxed sized and will take up some room on a table. But for its utility, it’s something worth overlooking.

But the screen won’t crack. Its material is made of polymer and can be washed for whenever those camping trips cause some dirt to fall off onto the screen. But it should be kept away from sharp objects so it doesn’t get cut up.

A project like this can only be found on something like Kickstarter. And it is! The Spontaneous Pop Up Display launched for $374. It’s pretty expensive for something that isn’t as cheap as the alternatives there. It’s also not as well built or well-lit as other displays. For that cost, there are a lot of portable projectors out there that can scale up to more than 40-inches.

The SPUD will be compatible with Roku and Chromecast as well. But for all that it’s worth, it doesn’t seem like many of its buyers will find it a keen investment option. It’s not going to be making any waves in the portable screen industry. There are better things to spend $374 on at the end of the day.


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