TP-Link’s LED bulbs are Wi-Fi controlled, can be paired to Amazon Alexa


Light bulbs nowadays are becoming smarter by the day. TP-Link has come out with their new range of smart LED bulbs that can be controlled via Wi-Fi. They’re effective, efficient and pretty affordable too.

Essentially, the new LED light bulb from TP-Link does one thing perfectly – turn on and off remotely. It can be controlled by a number of Android and iOS devices. If a smart home set up is what users are looking for, then these bulbs will complement that set up very well.

The LB120 is the model that leads the pack in TP-Link’s range of smart LED bulbs and $34.99, it’s cheaper than the competition out there, but still quite pricey compared to the traditional alternative. What we get for that much money is of course, Wi-Fi connectivity, control via Alexa and Amazon Echo. It doesn’t need a smart hub or a bridge unlike many of its competitors.

The LB120’s colour temperature can be tuned from soft white to daylight. The light inside the bulb is 60W and according to TP-Link, can reduce power consumptions by up to 80 percent. The LB120 has two models under it – the LB100 and the LB110. Both are priced much lower at $19.95 and $24.99 respectively. Both however, feature a lower wattage and have just a dimmable white light.

These bulbs can be controlled using the companion app for homes, aptly called Kasa. It allows separate settings for each bulb around the house and allows for users to set schedules for when the lights need to be turned on, apply a timer, turn them on and off, change colour temperature, and also monitor the usage of the bulbs and how much power they’re taking in. Separate profiles can be assigned to each of the bulbs as well for those who like customization.

The bulb isn’t exactly thin and light. It’s quite the opposite, but TP-Link have added a very aesthetically appealing design to the bottom portion of the bulb, which is where the Wi-Fi connectors and controls take up the space.

Perhaps one of the gripes that users might face, is that these bulbs come with only a screw-on option. So those looking forward to the more easier clip-on type bulbs will be a little disappointed. Also, white is the only colour that we’ll see it in. The LEDs can’t change into any other colour. Installing the bulbs don’t just involve clipping it to the plug. There are a couple of added steps for setting it up via the app, but that’s taken care of, thanks to a configuration wizard.

The app saves location to monitor the time of day so that the light can be adjusted automatically depending on the light outdoors. According to science, it’s said that yellow lights in the evenings are better for sleeping compared to a colder temperature. So these added advantages can change the mood or atmosphere pretty well, if the user is into that kind of tinkering.

There are a lot of smart bulbs out there for users to spend their dimes on. But the TP-Link series of smart bulbs is cheaper and a pretty good entry for those who are looking to make smart homes. It’s not a necessity to have at home, but it’s a pretty convenient way of living if users decide to take that route.


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