The Jaybird X3 could be the best wireless headphones out there


A year after announcing one of the best wireless headphones – the X2, Jaybird is now introducing the new X3 to the masses, which could arguably be the best headphones currently in the market segment.

We’ve got to give some credit to Jaybird, since they only produce wireless headphones and nothing else. So we can easily assume that they know what they’re doing. The X3 is the highest end that Jaybird have produced and it’s going to be a big hit with the die-hard music lovers.

While the last flagship from Jaybird featured Bluetooth 2.1, the new one features an improved Bluetooth 4.1 for faster connection. This will allow for two pairs of X3s to be paired with one device at the same time and also enable two devices to simultaneously pair with one pair of X3s.

It’ll come with a host of fit options, a sweat-proof design and up to eight hours of battery. It can play up to one hour of music on 15 minutes of charge. It’s a little slimmer to its predecessor and is aimed specifically for those sports-users. But nothing’s going to stop users from lounging around on a sofa and watching Netflix on their iPhone 7s.

“While the world has recently been talking about the disappearing headphone jack, Jaybird has been focused on designing superior wireless experiences for more than a decade,” said Rory Dooley, general manager for audio wearables, Jaybird. “The new X3 headphones deliver supreme audio quality and secure sport fit, so you have the ultimate wireless accessory to your active life.”

A unique feature about the X3 is that it is the first in its line to come with a 6mm driver, making it helmet compatible. The sound customization settings can be accessed by the headphone’s own MySound App, where custom profiles can be made for the user for each device that they use. It’ll be a very handy tool for sure. And when a pair of headphones requires its own app to adjust its equalizing settings, we know they mean business.

They’re pretty new still, so reviewers haven’t yet given their verdicts on the headphones. But the last variant launched last year got rave reviews. And we’re positive that this one won’t be any different. It’ll be available in four colours with metal accents – Blackout (Black and Silver), Sparta (White and Gold), Alpha (Military Green and Dark Chrome) and Road Rash (Red and Dark Chrome).

It’ll be available in November and will come at a retail price of $129.99. And if that’s a little too costly for users right now, they will be happy to settle for the last year’s model that still is one of the best wireless headphones out there – the X2, which will have its prices slashed down to $79.99 from $129.99. It’s a steal.

For iPhone 7 users eagerly waiting for the best music companion to their phones, the X3 will be perfect.


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