Zotac anniversary product range includes 480GB SSD, Mini PC and GTX 1080


Computer hardware manufacturer Zotac just recently celebrated its 10th anniversary in Hong Kong. And to celebrate, they have released a bunch of exciting new tech that will interest those power users. Here’s what they’ve released:

Sonix 10 Year Anniversary Special Edition SSD

This 480GB SSD is capable of up to 2800 MB/s sequential read and 1500 MB/s sequential write speeds. That’s blazing fast for an SSD. It’ll take just seconds transferring those heaps of torrent-downloaded files to dump. It comes with 512MB of DDR3 memory for improved access times and will be powered at 4.45W. The endurance rate for this storage device is at 698TB TBW (Total Bytes Written).

A pretty cool feature on the SSD is the LED back-plate which reacts while the device is being used. PCMark gives this SSD a score of 5068 with a bandwidth storage of 600.24 MB/s. Not too shabby.

Magnus EN1080 Mini PC

Mini PCs have become all the rage these days, pushing the edge of what can fit inside a conventional PC into a smaller form factor. Generally, the only problem with such builds is that they have almost no cooling solutions. But this is where the Magnus steps in. It’s got to be the most powerful Mini PC yet, with a GeForce GTX 1080 GPU (if the name didn’t already give it away) and it comes with Intel’s i7-6700. It does lack the storage and memory for the users to fit in themselves.

As for cooling, it comes with its own liquid cooling solution. That alone should put an end to everyone’s worries of a super mini PC oven. Being powered by NVIDIA’s best graphics card, it’s obviously ready for VR too. Users can fit up to 32GB of memory with a hard drive and SSD.

ArcticStorm 10 Year Anniversary Edition GTX 1080

Zotac partnered with Thermaltak to build its new anniversary edition GPU. What’s unique about this one is that it’s got its own liquid cooling solution going on within. It’s got the right pipe fittings for systems that come with custom open-loop cooling. It comes with two BIOSes that come with their own respective clock-rates.

But what’s better than one anniversary edition GPU with liquid cooling? Two. Which is why Zotac also made their own SLI bridge for unmatched and super cool gaming performance. It’s a great set up and one that most people will want to get their hands on as soon as it comes out!

VR Backpack

The last goodie in its birthday treat bag, Zotac also unveiled the VR Go Backpack that’s a lighter version of its previous iterations. It features a GTX 1070 and also a hot-swappable two-battery system for continuous play. It essentially looks like a PC on the user’s back, with the various trimmings and openings for air.

As far as pricing for any of these cool devices, Zotac hasn’t really been very helpful. They will be available by the end of this year. So we’re expecting a lot of empty pockets by the time Christmas arrives.


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