Surface AIO release on Oct 26: Will it feature a detachable screen and come with RealSense?


We are so close. Microsoft’s October 26 Windows event is about to happen in New York,. And one of the highlights everyone is looking forward to is the new Surface AIO. What will it feature and how will it look? Here’s the lowdown.

This will be the first time that we have a full-fledged Windows PC release made by Windows themselves. So it’s got to pack the most optimized hardware to work seamlessly with the latest Windows updates, right?

Their attempt at redesigning the Personal Computer is so far being well-received. It’s expected to have a display that’s as large as 24-27 inches and will be assisted by hinge so that it remains rested atop a desk. Hopefully, the hinge should allow for the screen to completely be brought flat so it can be used like a tablet or a drawing surface. This could be a possibility because of late, Windows has shown its interest in 3D imaging and creativity. VR and Holographic interfaces have become the norm now, so we won’t be surprised if they head towards this direction. One of its variants should also come with a 4K display. Whether it’ll have the graphics to back it up for gaming is yet to be seen.

There is also word of the Intel RealSense camera making an appearance on the new Surface, so we’re sure it’ll take the device to new creative heights once they properly show it in action. But this is still speculation on the specs. Whether the AIO will come with a stylus like the Surface and Surface Pro did is yet to be confirmed.

Accompanying the AIO will be its own mouse and keyboard, both of which had been recently leaked. And they feature a very minimal approach in design, much like their Apple counterparts. What everyone can be sure of is that the processor inside the AIO will be a Kaby Lake processor, which should mean that there would eventually be three variants of the Surface AIO – with the respective classes of the processor. And of course, it should come packed with Windows Hello.

Pricing of the device will be a bit of a gray area, since we’re expecting it to cross the $900 mark easily at its base configuration, but who knows, maybe Microsoft will not pull an Apple on us and actually price it quite competitively. We might get a detachable screen or we might even get a screen that bends for all we know. But one thing is for certain, Microsoft is upping the hype for this new launch. And the display will play a big part in their official release.

Let the hype train begin!


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