Weeks after discontinuing Note 7, Samsung still unable to identify root cause


Several days after the Galaxy Note 7 was permanently discontinued, Samsung is still unable to solve the mystery of what is causing the device to overheat and explode.

A Samsung spokeswoman told the Wall Street Journal that it is still to find the “root cause” and it was now fully focusing on retrieving 100% of the Galaxy Note 7 devices in the market.

The Journal said outside experts have pointed to a range of possible culprits, from the software that manages how the battery interacts with other smartphone components to the design of the entire circuit.

Also, Samsung engineers are looking into the possibility that the battery case may have been too small to house a battery of that capacity. The mystery over Note 7’s explosion is now delaying the development of Galaxy S7, which is expected to release early next year.

Development of the S8 has been delayed by two weeks as engineers try to determine the cause of the Note 7’s overheating issues, a member of the development team told the Journal.

The South Korean electronics giant has recalled all Note 7 phones, following reports of exploding batteries and fires, which have led to numerous injuries.

Samsung’s Note 7 debacle is reported as one of the worst disasters in tech history. Besides causing a dent in its reputation, the Note 7 could cost the company a whopping $17 billion in revenue.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was launched on August 2 and first went on sale in the U.S. and South Korea in mid-August.


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