Moov HR takes fitness head-on, can track heart rate through a headband


We’ve seen fitness bands, fitness sleeves and fitness watches. Now, it’s time for the appearance of fitness headbands, courtesy of Moov HR.

Moov claims that the problem with fitness trackers today located on the wrist is that they can’t track heart-rate as accurately as they should. Moov promises that its headband will be able to monitor heart rate as accurately as an electrocardiogram.

And it does this using a sensor with a chip on it that can be attached to a headband – either a sweatband or a swimming cap. Now this isn’t all that the band can do. It’s got its own AI program that acts as a coach to provide real-time feedback on the user’s performance. Of course, all this can be fetched from its app that will provide information such as a live beat-per-minute and wave data in real time.

What makes this a headband device worth considering according to the company is, that most wrist bands and health devices monitor heart rate from the wrists, where there is much tissue to detect the pulse. And the pulse itself is detected using LEDs. And whenever the band slips out or isn’t in contact with the skin, the band isn’t able to do its readings accurate enough. As Moov’s HR trackers are in the user’s headband, it’s in constant contact with the skin. Which means continuous flow of accurate data representation.

Thanks to the app it comes with, Moov can guide the user through training and workouts with the help of an animated figure on the screen, through a series of timed activities. The coach will intensify the workout based on the user’s current physical condition. And at the end of the work out, the app would display a chart of the heart rate.

Moov is closing in on other fitness tracking manufacturers like FitBit and is promptly showing that their tracking methods are more accurate than the competition out there in a series of tests conducted by the company. Seeing as they have gone for a much different place of approach this time around for fitting a fitness device, Moov seems like the company that knows what they’re doing.

The Moov HR will have a few programs for different activities from swimming to boxing. Its AI is supposed to be pretty encouraging when it comes down to providing the user that extra bit of motivation for that last lap and that’s something a lot of us will probably appreciate. It will be available for $60 for either a sweatband (The Moov Sweat) or a swim cap (Moov Swim).


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