Alexa-powered FABRIQ is here to set bar high for all portable speakers


FABRIQ is a pretty smart speaker – and we aren’t just saying that it’s got good tech, it’s got smart tech; at a budget. It’s got some neat connectivity features and also has Alexa-enabled for making any user’s home a smart home.

At first glance, the marketing material doesn’t make the device look like a speaker. It looks like a one seater mini-sofa. But zoom out and then things come into perspective. It’ll come in quite a lot of different colors and will come with dual WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Now the thing about FABRIQ is that we can buy as many of them as we want. And that means a complete surround sound solution. Thanks to some clever connectivity solutions,the speakers can be connected to each other for a louder, more extensive sound system. And that’s not something a lot of portable speakers offer nowadays. And with its pairing with Alexa, it’s about the smartest, cheapest portable speaker that money can buy.

“We wanted to introduce an affordable speaker that allows consumers to express themselves while providing them access to Alexa’s amazing capabilities,” said Jordon Sansom, Director of Marketing, FABRIQ.

“But creating FABRIQ wasn’t just about bringing a new product to the marketplace. Our years of experience in the home audio industry and our exclusive distribution network and supply chain partnerships have enabled us to deliver an incredible smart speaker at an even smarter price.”

The maximum sound level output is up to 92dBA, with a frequency of 60Hz – 18kHz and needs just 5W of power to fill the house with sweet music. It’s pretty compact for a speaker and light too. So, it can be taken out for picnics and road-trips. They weigh 10.6oz and are 3.15” x 3.15” x 3.15” in all dimensions. So we can safely say it’s a very convenient size for all purposes.

Its battery can enable it to play up to five hours of playback. It comes with its own app for remote control. And that’s only if we’re not going to use Alexa. The FABRIQ, borrowing from Alexa, can book cabs, order pizza, set alarms, reminders and improve as and when Alexa improves. With new competition like SoundHound coming up with their own portable speaker solutions with a built-in voice assistant, there’s quite a bit of contest in this segment already. But FABRIQ is unique for its economical pricing. At just $50, it’s a steal.


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