Plantronics’ next-gen BackBeat Pro 2 is slimmer and more powerful


Plantronics has released a new wireless headphone equipped with smart sensors, multi-device connectivity and built-in dual mics.

BackBeat Pro 2 is the latest in BackBeat family of wireless stereo products known for its quality and class. It is much thinner and lighter from the previous generation model.

The Pro 2 is equipped with on-demand active noise-cancellation, 24-hour battery life, and Plantronics signature audio technologies for rich bass and natural mid-tones of audio.

“More people than ever are ready to cut the cord and take their audio experience wireless, but are concerned they may have to compromise on the audio quality of their music and their ability to listen for long stretches at a time. BackBeat Pro 2 was designed with these consumers in mind,” said Tanguy Leborgne, Vice President, Consumer Solutions, Plantronics.

With the on-demand active noise-cancellation (ANC), users can any time switch between modes that minimize background noise or to one which will enable to listen to their environment.

Additionally, the BackBeat Pro 2 supports Class 1 Bluetooth for transmitting at 100mW. Also, the headphones can run up to 24 hours of continuous listening on a single charge. And it can go up to 21 days on standby power.

The premium headphone comes with new ear cups for better ergonomics and ear coverage, a flexible ear cup mount, and a headband that distribute weight evenly around the wearer’s head.

Other features include smart sensors that automatically pause or resume music, ability to switch between smartphone and tablet for music and built-in dual mics to receive clear phone calls.

BackBeat Pro 2 is available at stores from today and sells at $200.


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