Ziel M2 is a sports wearable that will help prevent injury


The Ziel M2 is a prototype device that lets the wearer know if they’re about to pull a muscle during their workout using a combination of gyroscopes, accelerometers and muscle sensors. Once it detects too much tension building around the muscle area, it’ll release and alarm, letting the wearer know that it’s time to get some rest.

This smart sleeve looks just like any other fitness accessory and omits the need of regular analysis of an athlete by their coaches. This way they can have constant monitoring of their physical state without the complicated statistical jargon and graphs that are the norms now. The chip on the sleeve has its own deep learning technology infused within it to provide real-time advice to the players.

For those of us who are into intensive training and sports, plus professional athletes, this sleeve will be a God send, because it’ll let users know about their arms’ condition before they do anything drastic to break it. Major League Baseball has shown a keen interest in the tech and we see a beautiful relationship transpiring between the two companies, since it’ll help coaches and managers know and evade the risk of player injury.

But the company wants to make it available to the masses as well and the product should be out by 2018. It will be a sports oriented product that will be targeted to school baseball coaches. The standalone sleeve itself will cost $250. There’s a coaching subscription that’s also on offer for $10 a month for individual users. So over time, the deep learning process will improve and adapt to the wearer’s habits and strengths, giving them the best possible advice.

Baseball isn’t the only game that could benefit from this. Football players, factory workers and other labour intensive workforces could have their own reasons for choosing the sleeve.

The technology could save people from inflicting really nasty injuries to their arms due to playing and then having to spend thousands on surgeries. The word ‘Ziel’ means to aim in German and that’s what the team at Rice University wanted to help develop for athletes.

It’s a great solution and an important preventive measure for sports related injuries. It’s also a welcome departure from the regular fitness bands we’re used to seeing. This sports accessory could actually save lives.


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