Here are 6 games that you should play on the new PlayStation VR


Sony has high hopes for its new VR equipment and is boasting sales figures in the hundreds and thousands. And it’s amping up its production line to meet the supposed hundreds and thousands of sales demands. PlayStation’s first foray into VR will cost about $399 excluding the joystick and other accessories. That price is only for the headset. So people might want to think a bit before taking the plunge.

Titles that will support VR or will be launching exclusively for VR are slim right now. Sony has announced 50 games for the Sony VR headset set to release soon. So to keep the hype alive, here are six games for Sony VR that people will love

1. Thumper

Thumper offers a roller coaster of an experience for those who are fond of VR – quite literally. It’s a rhythm-based course traversing game that involves going at high speeds to the sound of wacky beats and making the perfect combination of button pushes to take those sharp corners and avoid obstacles. It’s set up in a cosmic environment, and looks very trippy. We know this is going to be a great game, because it’s coming from Harmonix – the makers of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. And just like those games it’ll test the user’s timing and skills. And coupled with VR, this will be an amazingly good-looking title.

2.Job Simulator

A fun, casual game for those who like to truly appreciate the wonders of VR. This game puts the player in the shoes of different workers, from Chefs to being in a cubicle. It’s silly and it’s comical, with a very interactive environment and a rich demonstration of what exactly can be possible with Virtual Reality.

3.PlayStation VR Worlds

Sony has put in a host different experiences packed into one title. And they are sights to behold. Each offers completely different dynamics and ways of applying VR and provide the player with some great visuals. There’s London Heist, that’s a tightly-packed action mini-game, Ocean Descent is a beautiful experience wherein the player is shown aquatic life by diving into the ocean. And Street Luge, much like the first game on this list, is a dizzying, speed-intensive game that puts the player at the edge of their seats; their VR imaginary seats, of course.

4.Rez Infinite

Another music-based game but a lot more interactive – RezInfinite is more of a re-entry since it’s the reboot of Rez, made specifically for VR. And this time around, traveling through a computer network has never been more immersive or colourful. Back when it was first launched, it promised visuals that were out of this world. Fast-forwarding to 25 years in the future, it’s finally delivered on that promise.


This Atari classic has come back with a bang and it’s got exactly what people have been waiting for. Tank battles haven’t been this good since playing it on the console. The player will find themselves inside a tank to run over obstacles, enemies and blow up the competition. Couple that interactive environments and some great futuristic visuals and we’ve probably got one of the best VR experiences we can get.

6.Batman Arkham VR

We saved the best for last. If we could be anything in this world, we would be Batman. And thanks to the Sony VR, our dreams have been fulfilled. The jaw-dropping graphics, and the usage of VR to actually inspect the environment like a detective really bring the best out of the VR experience. There’s lot of fan service in the game too, letting the player look themselves in a mirror like they were the Batman. And that’s what dreams are made of, ladies and gentlemen. We can now die peacefully.

The VR tech by Sony is still new. But even though Oculus has been around for some time now, Sony VR is trying to catch up with the hype with VR exclusives and unique spins on popular games like Batman. We’re hopeful to see what the future of VR will bring in store for PlayStation. Battlefield VR would be a treat!


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