Apple Nike+ smartwatch will be released in two weeks


Apple has sneakily updated its Apple Nike+ website with a brand new wearable with new images of the device and also has announced a date of launch – set at October 28. This is the second time that word of the watch has come out since its announcement earlier on in the year.

The series 2 watch, as the website suggests, is meant for those who love to run. Of course, it’s a sports smartwatch, and has a number of trackers including a built-in GPS that tracks the user’s pace, their distance and the route they’re travelling. It’ll also be good for those swimming sessions, being able to go deep, up to 50 metres.

Apple’s display on its new watch are its brightest yet, so in any level of sunlight, it’ll be easy to read. The wrist band this time around is a special material that has holes in it. The website claims that it is a light-weight durable band called fluoroelastomer and those holes are meant for easy ventilation. The watch also features special watch faces that are exclusive to Nike and make it look quite unique. They’re available in both analog and digital formats.

With the watch comes its own special app called the Nike+ Run Club. This app is more of a motivator for those who want to make the best of their running goals. It triggers for when it’s running time, tracks the distance covered, helps users connect with their friends for a little competitive running and also has a special scheduler for those who like an alarm to remind them that they have a run coming up.

Now just like the regular version of the Apple watch, it’s got the same features, so interacting with Siri, reading messages and replying won’t be a hassle. The watch will come in four different colours with their own themed watch faces and are pretty eye-catching. They’re also compatible with the host accessories already available for the existing Apple watches available on the market.

The watch will start at $369, which is quite a sum, considering all those features offered on the watch are available on a regular phone as well. So it’ll be a matter of choosing a high-end wrist band or a high-end Nike endorsed Apple watch.


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