Ricoh Theta SC: Price and features of the 360-degree shooting camera


Ricoh has introduced a new 360-degree shooting camera to the popular Theta line. With holidays fast approaching, it could not have come at a better time.

The new Theta SC is a mid-range model that sells for an affordable price and boasts of top-end features for capturing immersive imagery.

Just like its older brother, Theta S, the new Ricoh model makes it easy to shoot and share spherical stills and videos.

The fourth generation pocket-sized camera sports a sleek design and can be handheld with one-button operation. It also can be placed on a flat surface or tripod and can be remotely controlled by the Theta S smartphone app.

As for the details, the Theta SC can capture 14-megapixel, high-resolution stills and records high-definition (HD) video clips up to five minutes in duration. And the results can be swiftly uploaded on social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks to the with high-performance CMOS image sensor and large-aperture dual lenses, the camera maintains same image quality as of Theta S.

For those already using the Theta S app for iOS and Android, you will notice enhancements on the interface. Picoh has updated the app to make it more easy to capture, view and manage.

“With the growing popularity of immersive imagery, augmented and virtual reality, we wanted to produce a high-quality camera at an affordable price point that appeals to anyone who is interested in capturing and sharing the world around them in this new, exciting digital imaging format,” said Kaz Eguchi, president, Ricoh Imaging Americas Corp.

Ricoh’s Theta SC is priced at $300 and is available in four color variants – beige, blue, pink and white.


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