LG’s new wireless charging pad can charge to 50 pct in 30 mins


LG’s components subsidiary has just announced a new wireless charging pad that can juice up a battery in a jiff.

LG Innotek on Wednesday introduced a new 15-watt wireless charging pad. The pad can reportedly charge battery to 50 percent within 30 minutes.

Available from October, the pad is said to be three times faster than any 5-watt wireless charging modules. Innotek’s new wireless charging pad can be used with most of the smartphones currently available in the market.

It is also said to meet the standards of Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), an international standardization organization for wireless charging.

Introducing the product, Sung Huh, a head of electronic components business division, said LG proved that it still possessed the world’s best wireless charging technology. He further added: “As a wireless charging module is directly related to the convenience and safety of the users, we will meet the expectations of our customers with advanced performance and perfect product quality.”

With all the recent news of Note 7 batteries overheating, LG says its pad cannot overheat during charging due to the technology it packs within. An embedded sensor in fact measures the temperature and allow users to suspend charging by just touching the smartphone.

According to LG, the 15-watt wireless charging pad is designed to suit other applications as well. It can be utilized in automobiles as well as in furniture as an embedded type.

The product is expected to hit store shelves in North America, Europe, and Australia in just few days.


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