6 cases to consider for your new Google Pixel smartphone


One of the reasons why a lot of early leaks occur before a phone’s release is so case manufacturers can just jump the gun and update their portfolio a little too early before launch. Well, something similar happened with the iPhone and also the upcoming Pixel, but the damage has been done, and it’s now time to appreciate what these case manufacturers have come up with to protect Google’s latest and greatest smartphone. Here are our top 6 cases to buy for the Pixel.

1) Google

Obviously, who knows how to make a case for its own phones better than Google? The standard case doesn’t really have any solid features to brag about. It’s polycarbonate and flexible, bringing sturdiness and flexibility together. Plus, it comes in some really nice pop-out colours. So this one should not be given a miss. $37 is the asking price.

2) Speck Presidio Clear Case

Now there are those folks who don’t want the exterior of a case defining how a phone looks, because beauty is on the inside. That’s why this case pops up on this list. It’s a crystal clear case that offers great drop protection from up to 8 feet and has tactile button covers, clear cut outs for the ports and fingerprint sensor and everything else that one needs. It’s absolutely clean-looking with no details or contours or visible designing on it, making it look perfect. It’ll cost $40.

3) Tech21 Evo Check Case

For the rugged. This case can withstand nasty falls from up to 6.6 feet and then some. It’s got ample cushioning and space, making it look quite bulky, but also quite less prone to any damaging. It’ll also make the phone a bit heavy but also offers some great looks thanks to its diamond patterned back panel that offers some elegance. It’s in the market for $40.

4) Cimo

The Cimo case comes specially for the bigger Pixel and is the definition of minimal. It doesn’t arouse much attention and protects all the right spots just fine, provided the user doesn’t decide to go on an expedition with their device. It costs a whoppingly small $7.98.

5) Google Live Cases

Live Cases from Google is everything that makes Google truly special. It lets the user customize what they want to have on the case, be it a picture or a design of their choosing. What’s more, it comes with its own wallpapers that match with the case’s theme so that the look quotient of the phone always remains on point. So just for the novelty alone, this should be a consideration for buyers at just $35.

6) IncipioCarnaby Esquire Series Case

The look reminiscent of Google’s fabric laden Daydream VR headset. For the most part, the fabric looks just the same and comes in three different colours – black, gray and olive. It’s got a nice hard shell for sturdiness and cut-outs for ports, cameras and fingerprint sensors. The exterior fabric is quite soft and should make the phone really comfortable to grip. It even looks nice on the hand too! It’ll be $35 for the taking.


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