Tile has a new thinner version of its Bluetooth tracker


Tile just released its smallest tracker yet called the Slim, for finding your wallet or those lost valuable items. These trackers are smaller than the original Tile trackers and are powered by Bluetooth technology that can be attached to everyday items to help locate them.

The newer Tile Mate as it’s called, is smaller by 25 percent compared to the already small original Tile. Although small, the original Tile made it quite a heavy artifact to carry around with a set of keys. The new smaller Tile Mate makes it lighter and bearable.

The Bluetooth tracker within the device is used as a beacon to track where it is travelling. An accompanying app along with the tracker makes it possible for the user to find out where the tracker is located on a map. A good thing about this app is that there’s also a wider network for Tile’s global community. So if the device gets lost beyond the user’s immediate range it’ll appear on the global network that spans over 200 countries.

And that’s about it. That’s all that this little device has to offer. And it does a pretty good job at that. Not everyone would go ahead and consider buying something like this for $25. But it’s one of things that people don’t ever realize they need. Hooking them onto bags, luggage, keys, pets’ collars, a jacket, a camera… whatever. Once that is on, it’ll never go lost. And we have always come across that situation where we’ve lost something and just can’t do anything to get it back.

It’s pretty innovative too. For example, the user can track where the Tile Mate is, but if the phone isn’t around and the device is, the phone can be reverse tracked using the device itself. The user can call the phone with one of four special ringtones that will work even on silent.

“With Tile Mate and Tile Slim, we continue to push the design of our products to bring consumers peace of mind in multiple shapes and sizes. In combination with our app and smart location network, Tile Mate and Tile Slim work together to help people find their keys, wallet, phone, just about anything,” said co-founder and CEO of Tile, Mike Farley.

One Tile Slim will set the buyers back by $25 while a pack of four will come to about $70. It’ll be an excellent gift for the holidays for those people who have a habit losing.


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