RIP Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Here are 3 premium alternatives to consider


The best smartphone for the better of 2016 has had a short-lived run. Samsung has officially announced they are shutting down the production and sale of Galaxy Note 7. The South Korean giant has now advised current users to turn their phones off, even if they have already exchanged for a replacement device. Note 7 owners have no other choice but return to its place of purchase.

So now that the king is dead, what do buyers have to look forward to in the premium segment of smartphones to get their needs met? The Note 7 wasn’t just any normal smartphone. It had some serious power and features that have rewritten how we see Android today. So here are three alternatives in the market that people should be happy to go for, should they find themselves out of luck for a Galaxy Note.

LG V20

The LG V20 is perhaps the closest competitor to the Note. Mainly because it’s completely different from the rest of the Android breed out there. It’s got two screens – a small strip on the top above the main display for shortcuts and the main display itself. It’s got superior photography, A-grade audio and the first device to release with Nougat outside the box. It’s also got the Snapdragon 820 to ensure that performance is on track.

The battery life and 4GB of RAM coupled with the qHD display will probably make it next in line to take the throne away from the Note 7. But there are two more phones on this list to consider before that, but this is just as good a competitor than any.

Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus

The Mi 5s Plus consists of a pressure sensitive display and super-fast internal storage. It also probably has one of the best cameras out there today on a smartphone. Its memory also goes all the way up to 6GB of RAM. It’s also got the new Snapdragon 821 processor – the best that Snapdragon has to offer today. It’s currently the most powerful phone out there. So it is a good option for an alternative to the Note 7.

Google Pixel

The Google Pixel was only just announced. It’s got the new Snapdragon 821 processor, the newest Nougat update, along with being the first device to get any future updates, it’s got two sizes for those two types of users and also features a headphone jack. Google claims that its camera is the best out there right now. Although arguable, it’s not always that the company makes such conclusive claims.

Apart from the other phones on this list, this has the more capable screen, being an AMOLED display. It comes with unlimited cloud storage for users to store whatever media they want. Apart from that it comes with Google Assistant – Google’s very own home-brewed PDA, and it’s very good at its job. Basically, it’s the phone people go to when they don’t want the Note.

Right now is a really good time to buy a smartphone, because there is just so much diversity with eco-systems and configurations out there. Especially in the premium segment, there’s a phone for everyone. And now that the Note 7 has passed on, the void that it has left will be filled with other smartphones looking to take its place. Or else, they could just go for the Galaxy S7 instead, right? It’s got almost the same functionality as the Note minus the stylus.


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