Revealed: Le Max3, Le S3 and four Android TVs to be launched by LeEco in US


Chinese handset maker LeEco last month announced that it will launch its brand in the U.S. on October 19. Though much on the debut devices were not disclosed, a leak today has revealed the details.

While readying for the launch, LeEco listed products on its own website. However, the online store quickly removed the links, not before it became public.

The devices that are expected to be launched include two smartphone models, Max2 and Le S3, in addition to four televisions. The listing on the website showed the price tag of Le Max2 as $289 after discount and Le S3 as $169.

Android Police, which first discovered the leak, however notes that the price on the listings could just be a placeholder. For televisions, apparently the lineup showed even mere $14.99 price tag. As for models to be expected, they include LeEco Super 4 X40 Pro TV, LeEco Super4 X55 TV, LeEco Super4 X 65 TV and LeEco uMax 85 TV.

The Super TVs are powered by quad-core processors and renders 4K display. It also supports several Android apps, even LeEco’s own Levidi, LIVE and LeView. The large screen televisions come with A+ grade IPS panel and is backed by 14 advanced display technologies.

If you are interested in the smartphones, both Max2 and Le S3 comes with powerful internals. The Max2 sports a 5.7-inch display, ultra-light metal body and a fingerprint sensor. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and has 6GB RAM and up to 64 GB internal storage. The dual-SIM device boasts a 21MP rear camera and 8MP front shooter.

The second smartphone rumored to be announced is Le S3. The 5.5-inch display device will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor, paired with 3GB RAM and 32GB internal memory. There is a 16MP rear camera with dual-tone LED flash and 8MP camera in the front with wide-angle lens.

Both devices run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system.


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