ExoLens to bring Pro and Prime lenses for iPhone 7 camera


ExoLens, a company that makes lenses for cameras, is introducing the Pro and Prime ranges of lenses for iPhone 7 camera.

The iPhone 7 was never a bad camera to begin with. Does it really need these extra fittings? Perhaps the specs will be convincing. The Pro range starts with a Zeiss Mutar 0.6x Asph T* Wide-Angle lens for landscape photography. For portraits, there’s the Zeiss Mutar 2.0x Asph T* Telephoto lens kit. After this come the Zeiss Vario-Proxar 40-80 T* macro-zoom. It’ll let the user fill in the entire frame with tiny objects, making sure nothing gets out of focus. But only for focus distances between 3cm and 8cm.

Now we were only talking about the Pro versions here. And it already seems like a perfect package for the iPhone 7 camera. The Pro Wide-angle lens kit should be available for $200. The portrait lens kit will be a little more expensive by $50. The macro-zoom kit will also come for $200. All these lenses should be available by January of 2017.

The Prime range hasn’t revealed much details about itself yet, except that it has a 0.6x wide-angle, 2.0x telephoto and a super wide-angle/macro combo of a lens. Price and other specifications haven’t been mentioned as of yet. But this range should come out during Q1 of 2017.

The specialty of these lens kits is that they will use aspherical lens technology that usually only high-end DSLRs have. And they will also come with high quality aluminium mounting, that looks appealing. It’s a good choice for them to stick to Zeiss for the lenses for professional grade photography. The lens kits will be made for iPhone versions 6 up until 7. So the iPhone 7 Plus won’t get the special treatment because it’s got two cameras at the back and ExoLens probably decided it would be better not to mess around with that layout. But if the public is going to spend already so much for the extra meat and real estate that the iPhone 7 Plus offers and won’t get to use the ExoLens, they shouldn’t be forced to settle for the second best just for the convenience.

Let’s hope they bring out a solution for this soon.


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