Use Facebook’s new app to discover events around you


Facebook has released a new app that is aimed at helping users discover popular local events and get recommendations.

The Events from Facebook was announced on Friday. The standalone app showcases events that friends are interested in, in addition to those upcoming featured on the Pages liked by the user.

You can further browse event recommendations based on time, location and interests. There will be an interactive map that makes it easy for event-goers to connect with all the upcoming.

And to streamline all the events you have shown interest, the app will list them nicely in a calendar, showing which days you will be attending an event. If you want to compare your phone’s calendar to make changes to your schedule, that is as well possible.

All the updates and actions on events will be visible on Facebook. This way your friends know what you’re interested in. The Events from Facebook has been released for iOS platform in the U.S. Soon it is expected to feature on Google Play store for Android phones.


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