FriendSwipe is a handy app to track Facebook friends on Tinder


As if poking people online wasn’t enough, now people can stalk their friends who are on Tinder, thanks to FriendSwipe.

Wouldn’t it be awkward to find a friend on Tinder who’s also on Facebook? Yes. That’s why this app lets users bask in the awkwardness of having friends find each other in their most flamboyant avatars on the world’s most popular dating app.

FriendSwipe currently is available just for iOS platform

FriendSwipe currently is available just for iOS platform

It’s fairly simple to use. Logging through the app will let users open up a list of their friends who have a Facebook account and are connected on Tinder. Tapping on any of their names will take the user to their profile to enjoy unending stalking. Of course, there’s really no other reason for the app… unless it’s to make sure a significant other isn’t currently pursuing someone else through Tinder, or for keeping a tab on those supposedly single friends who claim they’re happy being single.

Of course, an app like this will raise concerns regarding privacy and online security. But if the user and their friends are on Tinder, they probably might come across each other’s profiles eventually. This app just makes the process faster.

But seriously, this does go against Tinder’s terms of service so the app probably will disappear soon, seeing as it’s getting some good coverage on online websites like this. The list that the app shows is taken from the database of Tinder and doesn’t take into account the privacy settings or any other security settings that the Facebook user has taken, so regardless of any preferences already set, this app somehow lets users bypass it all.

So apart from breaking the law, users should get a real kick out of seeing what their friends are up to, because what else better is there to do? For those interested, the app is available on the App Store for iPhone only, for now.

The ultimate app for exes, scorned lovers, crazy clingy baes and stalkers will see it come to Android soon. And this only if the app store police don’t shut it down by then.


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