Will Apple be releasing three different iPad Pros in spring 2017?


Apple might be changing up the tablet game again, come next Spring, when it releases its latest iPad. The tech giant is rumoured to release three variants of the iPad Pro.

This information comes, courtesy of Japanese blog Macotakara. In its report, the blog states that there will be a new version of the iPad Pro that will have a 7.9-inch screen which could feature four speakers and a smart connector like its fellow Pro siblings.

To complement the Pro Mini, Apple will also be making a 10.1-inch iPad Pro and feature a 12MP camera with a True Tone flash, according to well-connected analyst Ming Chi-Kuo. Well, at that size, we really doubt people will want to take perfect photos but hey, they can at least try, right? The Japanese blog further adds that there will be another third iPad Pro dubbed the iPad Pro 2 and will have a 12.9-inch screen with the same specs mentioned above.

But will the new iPad Pros ditch the headphone jack?

Macotakara did report that Apple will retain the headphone jack, so we can all sigh a bit of relief. Its report indicated that the new iPads will have a quad-microphone set up. But what seems promising here is that even if these rumours are to be 100 percent accurate, it could hint at a newer direction that iPad is going with – media production. With the quad-microphone set up and the improved camera clubbed with the four speakers, it appears Apple wants this series of iPads to make to the production houses, even leaving the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Whatever the case, these rumours seem to be accurate to a degree, since the two different reports do match factually, with regard to their individual findings. So it’s best that we just take these with a bit of salt. For a product that’s supposed to release next year, having its specs leak out like this so soon seems like quite a bit of lapse in security – something Apple hasn’t done too well to protect for the past few years. But whatever actual facts may be, it would be great if they still retained the headphone jack next year.


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