Microsoft could bring a Bluetooth keyboard for Surface all-in-one


Rumours have been rife with Microsoft planning to out a brand new all-in-one Surface PC. And to add more depth to the report, we have just found out that Microsoft patented its very own ergonomic keyboard for the Surface.

WinFuture, a German website has spotted the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard in the Bluetooth Special Interest Group’s database. It is assumed that the keyboard peripheral is going to be solely for desktops, employing irregular shapes and split or curved designs. So we can’t really expect a compact size for a very ambitious keyboard.

This does signal to the public that Microsoft will be specializing with peripherals and that the announcement for a new Surface PC is closer than we expect. Microsoft already makes keyboards, but with the addition of a new patent, Microsoft could be looking for making some major changes to its line-up.

According to The Verge, Microsoft is currently targeting a late October launch event in New York City. A branded Surface keyboard probably will make the Surface AIO a better, more personalized experience for users. The aforementioned keyboard could also be used as a separate peripheral for mobile and tablet use. The Bluetooth-enabled keyboard doesn’t really have much else going for it, apart from speculation right now.

Microsoft first made a keyboard in 2005, called the Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 and then rolled out the Ergonomic Keyboard in 2013.

PC World does argue, however, that the possibility of this being a Surface keyboard is still quite scant as just making a stand-alone keyboard for the Surface seems like an odd choice for extending the Surface brand. And it doesn’t really prove that this keyboard will, in fact be part of the Surface line in the first place. It could just be an addition to the next in line of the series of ergonomic keyboards that Microsoft already has.

The only one thing that people could take out of the listing is that it will feature Bluetooth version v4.2. Well, hopefully, they decide to bring out a new ergonomic mouse and complete the whole set, right? We’ll keep our eyes peeled out!


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