Blue Raspberry: This portable microphone makes voice recording a breeze


Recording voices can be a tricky affair – especially for taking voice memos, doing a video blog or just some regular karaoke singing. And Blue’s new microphone is set out to make users sound like they just came out of a recording. Introducing the Blue Raspberry.

Blue has always been the go-to for so many enthusiasts of podcasts for the reason that it’s so easy to set up. Just plug and play. The Raspberry is an iOS and USB microphone specifically made for mobile recording, plain and simple. And it looks classy while doing it to.

The little microphone comes equipped with its own stand to enable proper support on a desk, even avoiding effects of vibrations on the recordings. There’s a headphone jack so users can properly monitor how the recording will sound and even them adjust the input levels, thanks to a gain control at the side. What’s even more handy about the gain control is that it is a knob that lets users push it to automatically mute the audio during recording in case they have to cough… or cuss. And that’s a much appreciated feature on a device like this.

The pristine 24-bit audio lets you record voice that is absolutely impeccable, owing to the Internal Acoustic Diffuser (IAD) that keeps the voice active while deleting the excess background noise. The patent-pending IAD design was inspired by treatments found in studios and concert halls, focusing your voice or instrument while minimizing the sound of the room. Blue claims that this will work even when faced in front of a speaker or when placed at the centre of a table. Impressive stuff. And yes, there’s a volume knob as well for some level adjusting action.

Being just a peripheral microphone, the Raspberry will be compatible with any recording app, thanks to its lightning and USB connections. And a 1/4” thread mount allows you to connect Raspberry to a variety of camera and video tripods—perfect for recording audio for YouTube. Raspberry’s integrated stand features a connection insulator and rubber shock absorber feet.

So no fuss with proprietary software. Why this product is an absolute killer is a no-brainer, owing to the fact that Blue has been a well-established brand for audio recording devices such as the Raspberry and this particular model is by far the most impressive. The microphone is retro and sparks a bit of character onto the device.

With the Blue Raspberry’s attractive $199 price tag, this should bring back people to the good old times of the radio era.


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