Canary eyes the outdoor home security market with launch of Flex


Security has now become a lot more portable, just as everything else is. And Canary has come out with a great solution for home safety with the Flex – an all-weather portable security camera that can run on any power outlet and also has a built in rechargeable battery.

Specially designed for porches and backyards, the Flex has been designed to look inconspicuous and non-intrusive, making a stance that looks like a doting, concerned little chap. But this little guy has quite the feature list. It’s rough and tough for one, being IP65 certified, being able to withstand splashes of water, it even comes with a waterproof cord. Its bundled battery is so good; it can run for two to three straight months depending on average use. This is possible because it runs on a low state WiFi mode which stays connected to the servers and also a passive infrared system that only activates the functions of the camera when it detects anything.

Once it’s up and running, the Flex will be able to record in HD video directly to the cloud. The camera in the Flex can rotate a full 360 degrees thanks to a magnetic base. It’s also packed in a special set of Health Sensors, which monitors the atmosphere of the house such as temperature and moisture among other things. There’s an app that Canary has made that will enable users to access the camera and control it remotely. This version of the Flex is much better than its predecessor on the features front.

And just in case users don’t have reliable WiFi, Canary will also be making an LTE-based version for independent streaming and upload. There’s a very appealing renting model that Canary has which lets you use the cameras on a per month basis based on the subscription plan.

Canary’s idea for the Flex is that it should be convenient to take anywhere. Something that has never come up as a requirement for security cameras lately. So during a picnic, or while on the yard, looking after the kids, or seeing if the pet dog’s not getting into mischief, or checking up on the stove/oven so cooking’s done right! It’ll be a much appreciated feature, knowing that portable cameras don’t always have to go the GoPro direction.

Canary’s competition in this segment is Nest, who has a similar set of cameras as well, with similar features baked in. But Canary is hoping to one-up its competition with its attractive pricing schemes and price tag, starting at $199 only.

Whether Canary or Nest belongs in our family tree, will only be seen once the product is out by the end of the year.


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