Google Trips: A handy app for exploring new places, organizing reservations


Google is always on the lookout for better products to makes lives online a bit more exciting. Here is the latest from the search giant. A personalized travel planner called Google Trips.

Get personalized activity suggestions based on time and place

Get personalized activity suggestions based on time and place

Launched as a mobile app, Google Trips is aimed at easing travel woes and streamlining trip booking to make it more efficient.

With the app, users can get personalized activity suggestions based on the time, place and weather or find reservations for hotel, flight and car without shuffling through mails.

There are close to 200 cities for which you can find a variety of day plans featuring the most popular daily itineraries. “We’ve automatically assembled the most popular sights, attractions, and local gems into a full day’s tour — all based on historic visits by other travelers,” Google wrote in a blogpost.

“Keeping track of all your flight, hotel, car and restaurant reservations when you travel can be tough. With Google Trips, all your travel reservations are automatically gathered from Gmail and organized for you into individual trips, so you don’t have to search and dig up those emails.”

The app, available for iOS and Android, showcases all top places neatly organized on a map that can be further customized based on interests and schedule. You will find curated local suggestions and travel tips, besides popular attractions at your destination.

Google Trips can automatically build your itinerary right at the spot where you are and need help on places around. You can specify the available time and let the app fill in the day for you. You can pin any new spots you like or tap the “magic wand” to instantly get a new itinerary with updated nearby attractions.

That is not all, to access the trip all day, even when there is no Internet, you can tap the ‘Download’ button under each trip to save it to your phone.


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