1 TB of SD card storage can now fit in your device, thanks to SanDisk


SanDisk is doing it again – making a big amount of space fit inside a really small body. This time, the company has announced its biggest SD Card ever – monstrous 1 Terabyte of memory.

The parent company Western Digital had 16 years ago, made the once also monstrous 64 MB SD card – a laughable stunt in today’s time. And while laptops and desktops have enjoyed the expansion of space in the past few years, this time even the portable devices get that opportunity! Imagine the possibilities of micro storage space for devices now!

We thought the 512 GB SD card released a couple years ago had already set the benchmark for big storage and no one could have expected SanDisk to outdo themselves so soon, in the span of just two years. And SanDisk couldn’t have come up with this any time sooner. With 4K and 8K and Virtual Reality formats gaining prominence and also gaining prominent storage space in our hard disks, it’s important to have the highest portable space anyone can get.

Western Digital has achieved this extraordinary feat through its proprietary technology, making it quite popular among videographers and photographers. The new high-capacity memory card was announced at the Photokina event being held in Cologne, Germany and is demonstrating its functions.

Of course, this particular model could be seen as a prototype of sorts, since the technology is very new and prone to some possible mishaps – memory management on such a large scale could be a task for such a small device. And if the card gets corrupted, all that valuable data is lost in an instant.

Another factor here is pricing. The 512 GB card already costs as much as a full-fledged desktop-grade hard disk, so the 1TB card should cost twice as much, or even more, depending on how they plan on launching it. But whatever the pricing is, it’ll be quite justifiable, considering, well… 1TB in your camera! Now some devices may or may not yet be compatible with the memory card, but they should be coming up soon as the newer models start rolling out over the year. The card isn’t officially available yet, so we’ll just have to hold our horses.

Regardless, SanDisk has brought to us the future of portable storage solutions, making it now possible to get phones and laptops to shrink their internal parts, and make space for more capable, efficient hardware.


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