Leica debuts instant camera market with new Sofort


The German company that manufactures cameras, microscopes, and geo-survey equipments, Leica has marked its debut in instant camera with the stylish new Sofort.

Leica Sofort uses Fujifilm’s Instax film to produce prints immediately after you snap the shutter. It uses Fuji’s Instax format, and Leica has even decided to release its own brand of film, available in black and white or color.

Leica Sofort is designed to catch the most spontaneous moments in life coupled with the prime mechanics and skills to add to the fun and creativity of instant photography.

It is rated to be ideal for vacation shots of a pleasing print size.

According to Leica, there will be a multitude of different modes including “Auto,” “Party & People,” “Sport & Action” and “Macro”, as well as creative options for multiple and timed exposures. There is also a selfie mode as well as a self-timer with two different time delay settings. The Sofort even has a mirror on the front to help with selfie framing

Leica’s Sofort has a list of fancy options. There’s three focus steps to shoot subjects at a variety of ranges (1 to 10ft) and eight shooting modes including “double exposure” and “selfie.” The back is a full LCD display, and there’s an optional flash.

Earlier players like Fuji and Polaroid have been in the instant camera domain.

The price of the Sofort at $300 is rated to be higher that Fuji’s and Polaroid’s creations.

To the photography buff this could be a prized possession. Photographers opine that they would rather have a print in their hands rather than on the cam.

The Leica Sofort will be available from November, 2016 in a choice of three contemporary colors – orange, mint and classic white.


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