Alpina makes the smartwatch classy, with its Horological collection


The Alpina Horological Smartwatch collection certainly doesn’t look like anything a smart watch should resemble. But it puts the bling back in to the timepiece, which today are too plain, simple and straight.

Made of a stainless steel 44mm case, the watch looks mechanical, and mostly is. It is known to look a little more casual, with its brown strap, but the Swiss horological watch does mean business. Being a newer update over its predecessor, the watch retains most of its features, including activity tracking, total calories burned and the total distance traveled.

It also lets the user customize the smart analogues in the watch to make active alerts to remind that it’s go-time. The timepiece further tracks sleep and can tell how much of sleep was spent in the varying stages of sleep – deep sleep, light sleep or awake. They’ve also managed to somehow squeeze a ‘Dynamic Coach’ app, providing healthy tips and suggestions, telling the user how active they are and how to improve their fitness. It’s also capable of acting like an alarm to wake the user at the most optimum time of their sleep cycle. Of course, like all smartwatches, and normal watches, it also has the nifty feature of telling the time.

The smartwatch does sync to a phone, which is exactly how the user will receive updates and data. The watch sets the time and date by itself when traveling. The smartwatch also saves all the data to the cloud so that users can access and synchronize their phones accordingly.

If the question of why the face of the watch isn’t really a display rather than being mechanical should arise, Alpina has a very good answer – the phone it is synced with already acts as the display for the watch and it saves a ton of battery.

Alpina Horological Smartwatch will come in a range of trims, from steel to diamonds. The timepiece is expected to be priced at over $1000 and top out at somewhere between $2000 – $3000.


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