After mirrorless camera, Canon brings 70-300mm lens with LCD display


Canon’s new telephoto lens brings some extra features to the budget-friendly 70-300mm lenses that everyone is crazy about. This one comes with its own display that lets users know whether they are being too shaky.

The lens will replace the existing, sharing most of the features, being f/4.5-5.6 IS II USM that they introduced in 2005. And this update couldn’t have come in sooner. The LCD display will display a ‘shake amount’ and shows the focusing distance and focal length. There’s a button on the lens that lets the user toggle between the different information.

There’s also an enhanced image stabilization system, but it’s not clear as to how the lens will measure hand steadiness. Maybe there’s an accelerometer in it?

Canon has done a good job in constructing the new lens, showing users that it’s made mechanical differences as well, as opposed to just aesthetic ones. The zoom mechanics are a little quieter, for video recording functions, owing to Canon’s new Nano USM technology, which incorporates an ultrasonic motor. So no more zipping sounds for when the camera in on autofocus and the camera needs to adjust. How Canon has achieved this is by merging a stepping motor with a ring ultrasonic motor for quieter, faster performance. And this works with manual focus just as well.

One drawback, is that this lens won’t be compatible with the Power Zoom Adapter for electrical zooming mechanics.

“To help photographers that are striving to create the most amazing pictures and videos possible, Canon is dedicated to developing the best tools to help them with their goal,” said Yuichi Ishizuka, Canon US president and COO, in a statement. “Having this new EF 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 IS II USM lens in a photographer’s camera bag will surely help them achieve their creative vision.”

The new zoom lens weighs about 25 ounces and is constructed from 17 different elements which includes a special low dispersion element which help reduce chromatic aberration. The lens is also designed to be cheaper than the other lenses, at $550. It will be out next month for all the Canon fanboys to drool over.

As far as real-time performance is concerned, the true verdict will be out once it is released next month. Canon is really upping its game with its first mirrorless camera and then this lens upgrade. We are pretty sure we can bet that its more expensive offerings will also receive similar upgrades soon.


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