Vectr: A free web & desktop tool for creating vector graphics


Top-end design softwares are sometimes sophisticated, time-consuming and overly priced. But Vectr is tad different. The company has launched its own free graphics editor that can be used to create beautiful images without any editing skills.

Backed by a team of skilled and experienced professionals, Vectr was launched for users that want to create neat vector graphics, nearest like an Adobe Illustrator. The software doesn’t skip out on the features, except for the letter ‘o’ in its name.

Vectr’s interface is direct and flat, and lets the user create premium-grade graphics, all for free across multiple platforms. Now Vectr really does what its name implies. It creates scalable graphics, without a hitch! So drop it on any resolution or canvas and it’ll look as if it belonged there. No scaling issues, or pixilation whatsoever.

With Vectr, users can work with shapes, layers, text, images just like any regular powerful photo editor. It lets you create unique and original works of art if they have the time and quick, easy-to-do mock-ups and annotations for when they don’t have the time. In fact, Vectr lets users go all the way, with kerning and alignment options built in too.

The software shouldn’t really be confused with other free image-making software like Canva and Desygner, as those are meant simply for creating templates and making some word art. Vectr is different from them, as it lets users change and manipulate every aspect of the design.

For social media posts, blog art, mock-ups and simple photo editing, Vectr is best suited. It’ll let users export files to JPEGs, PNGs and also SVG file formats. But this is only the beginning, as far as features go.

Vectr currently has a good support system, and users can interact with the support staff on pretty much anything, from tutorials to how-tos. In the future, Vectr plans to add collaboration of projects in real-time, add version control and will also add marketplace to buy assets for individual projects.

It is currently available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. And Vectr haven’t left out the Chrome Book and have made a special Chrome OS version.

As of now, the software is still in its growing stages and it’s currently the first free-to-use software that actually is not so difficult to use. The software was in beta for two years and since its release now, it’s also available for use online. And for the layman who doesn’t really need the entire Adobe Suite just to make a simple graphic, Vectr must be on top of the list.


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