Galaxy S8 rumours: What to expect from Samsung’s next flagship


It’s that time of the year again, when people haven’t yet gotten over the hype of the Galaxy S7 enough but still speculate what the next Galaxy will consist of. And right now, we’re going to round-up exactly what word is around the upcoming S8.

The biggest expectancy surrounding Samsung’s next flagship is that it will be next in line to ditch the headphone jack, making it not the first time it’s done something to mimic Apple’s design. Also, Digital Music News says that the S7 could remove the USB-C type jack and replace it with its own proprietary connecting port.

The release date also has some speculation behind it since all of its predecessors have been launched either during February or March every year. Of course, there will be an Edge variant and a standard ‘flat’ screen variant of the model.

As for the display, a 4K experience is quite possible, owing to the fact that Samsung has encouraged users to take the VR experience a step forward with its handsets. And when using VR, the resolution will cut in half, it seems like a promising, and quite realistic feature to look forward to. The screen size will be expected to be a 5.2-incher, with Edge being a little higher.

WCCF Tech, a Chinese source, is pretty sure that the new Galaxy model will feature a dual camera set-up, just like the iPhone. As for the processor, Samsung usually goes for a Snapdragon chip in its US variant and an Exynos chip for its international markets. No word on that has been announced or speculated upon just yet though. The Snapdragon 821 will be out soon and Exynos’s next generation chip should be made available around the same time the ‘Unpacked’ event happens next year.

According to a recently discovered patent document, Samsung did dabble in the realm of dual-booting systems, meaning that they had an idea of making their phones boot both Android as well as another operating system (maybe Windows?).

Water-proofing has proven to be a good bet for the Samsung Galaxy series so far, so it’s guaranteed that it will make a return the next time as well. But this is far as the speculations can go for the next Galaxy flagship.

Maybe Samsung should take the Turing route and announce the specs in advance before release so people actually know what they’re getting into. Of course, Turing did need to announce its over-the-top spec sheet so that people would actually believe it.


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