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What do Trello, Glip and Slack have in common? Well, they’re about to be beaten by one of the most talked about business messengers out there – Flock. The communication app on Wednesday announced its official arrival in the US.

Launched in the year 2014, Flock is regarded as the world’s fastest team communication and collaboration app and boasts a clean user interface. Groups can be made within a company’s team and outside of it as well, allowing them to supposedly collaborate and connect 30 percent faster.

The startup originally began as a humble company in India and slowly began gaining traction, attracting big clients such as Whirlpool, Ricoh, Victorinox and Tim Horton’s. The founder and CEO of Flock, Bhavin Turakhia, said that over the past year there has been a certain amount of growth with regard to enterprise communication applications and he felt the need to get to the centre of it all.

His aim is to eliminate email and telephone conversations for business communication. And while he does acknowledge that Slack is a formidable opponent in this segment, he also says that its interface is more confusing compared to Flock’s slicker look.

The number of current users justifies the name, with Flock boasting 30,000 to 40,000 active users. Flock has just released version 2.0 of its software, giving it a major update in terms of features and bug fixing. The plans they offer are quite appealing too, with free usage and unlimited users. To upgrade, plans start at $3 per user per month. The application offers a ton of features, from being an all-in-one place for conversations, video-conferencing and other features one would typically find on Slack.

Flock is also available on all mobile platforms and has its API readily available for bots and other third party apps to take use of and customize the user experience.

“Dozens of Flock engineers sprint weekly to make our iOS, Android, PC, Mac, and Chrome apps load faster and work smoother than any other business software,” Turakhia said. “That’s true for teams of freelancers, employees at start-ups, or departments across global enterprises.”

The current leader in this domain – Slack, should have something to worry about, since Flock claims to be 2.5 times faster, has deeper API integration and offers convenient tweaks for UX that are intuitive and useful.

When it comes to being productive at the workplace, Flock could be the next big thing.


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