Pandora’s music streaming getting enhancements, added features


Music streaming company Pandora is reportedly working on new enhancements and updated features to improve overall experience.

Starting with price to added features, Pandora could announce its latest plans this week. According to the New York Times, Pandora is working to expand its $5-per-month platform and add features to skip more songs or store several hours of playlists.

A more comprehensive on-demand platform will be launched by Pandora before Christmas. It could be priced at $10 a month and could compete with rivals such as Spotify and Apple Music.

The online-only music site boasts of over 80 million active users. Available only in US, Australia and New Zealand, the platform allows subscribers to create their own stations based on groups or songs they like for free.

Besides Pandora, Amazon is also reportedly working on a platform with a large catalog of music for $9.99 per month. Amazon’s plan to launch a standalone music streaming service was disclosed in June, when Amazon was finalizing licenses with labels for the service.

Currently, Amazon offers a free limited catalog access to subscribers of its Prime shipping and video service.

With the $9.99 a month subscription plan, Amazon is also planning on a lower streaming service, for either $4 or $5 per month. The service would be streamed on Echo, its voice-controlled system that is hands-free.

The cheaper service is a smart strategy to maximize returns, considering the fact that Spotify, Apple, SoundCloud, Tidal and Google Play offer music subscriptions for $9.99 a month.


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