New Lenovo Yoga Book: Specs & key features you should know


Hats off for the breath-taking Lenovo’s Yoga Book. This is by far the most interesting and most innovative gadget in the world of tablets for now. Built around Lenovo’s watchband hinge, the Yoga Book can switch between tablet and laptop mode by just a flick or twist. By rather unusual means, Lenovo’s Yoga Book tablet promises utility of a laptop. This tablet is the world’s thinnest and lightest 2-in-1 tablet computer. It’s unbelievably slim with Wacom-powered touchpad that doubles as a keyboard.Unlike most other two-in-ones, you may want to use the Yoga Book in tablet mode as much as you will want in laptop mode because of three reasons.

First is the fact that Lenovo has smartly equipped this tablet with Android tablet-friendly OS that can multi-task as laptop OS if need be, and the windows 10 laptop-friendlier than a tablet. The second is the amazing non-keyboard called the Halo by Lenovo. It is a touch sensitive panel that is not on entire second screen, but a flat panel with a digitizer that lights up with LED-backlight keyboard if need be.

It is amazing how it works with either short typing sessions or impromptu drawing with digitizer pen. The pen makes notes or sketches with real ink. You type on the Halo keyboard, it appears when you need it and disappears when you don’t. You may write on paper with real pen and let the Yoga Book digitize your notes. You can edit and share your notes in just a bit. While doing it on the screen, your notes gets digitized before your eyes. Alternatively you can use the Note Saver application to turn your Yoga Book into a smart paper pad-folded open in the most natural way to take notes. The included clipboard can be used to magnetize your papers and keep them in place. Lastly is the design of the Yoga Book. It hits all the right points for carrying around all day. Besides the Yoga Book weighs just 690g. This is the perfect size and weight that makes it genuinely easy to switch between modes whenever you need.

Lenovo’s Yoga Book versions, despite running an Android and Windows 10, have the same hardware. The hardware promises more hours of battery life. The hardware stack runs a low-power Intel Atom X5 processor and a 4GB of RAM alongside a 64GB of storage.


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