Will Microsoft’s ‘Cardinal’ all in one PC take on iMac?


It has been tipped that there’s a new Surface All in One PC that’s going to be on its way this October, during Microsoft’s big event.

Although there haven’t been any official announcements yet, Microsoft fans are certain that there is a new Windows 10 PC coming around the corner. There has been more progress on that front, because it now has a secret codename, well, which isn’t secret anymore – “Cardinal”.

It’s scheduled to be showcased at the October event. It’s also supposed to come in three sizes and go head to head with Apple’s iMac. The three models will have a 21, 24 and 27-inch screens respectively. It’s not clear as to whether Microsoft will release these three devices all at once, but it is releasing something!

Since it’s going to be part of the surface line-up, it will borrow similar technology as per the existing line-up like its Perceptive Pixel display tech. While there had been rumours of two new Surface notebooks – the Surface Pro 5 and the Surface Pro 2, they won’t be released until next year. But until then, the AIO variant will be the star of the show.

It was in 2015 that Microsoft had registered its patent for an AIO device obtaining it this year in February again for this new All in One PC. Microsoft has done a pretty good job by keeping it under wraps all this while, since this will be the first ever Surface PC accessible to the masses. It’s also a good sign that Microsoft has taken its Surface series to the Desktop route as well, which now makes it a promising avenue for more powerful optimized hardware for its software.

Microsoft earlier took jabs at Apple’s MacBook, saying that it was as useful as a cat with a hat. So the war between these two tech giants could become even more fierce, when Microsoft does decide to try its hands on an AIO solution. The Surface Pro has done well for itself in the segment, and although not as capable in performance as the MacBook, it certainly is more functional.

Apple’s new event is coming up too, unveiling its new MacBooks, so the new year will see some stiff competition in terms of sales and performance.


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