Top features that make Sony’s flagship device Xperia XZ stand out


With Christmas just around the corner, Sony mobile has announced a timely unveiling of sharpshooter Xperia XZ. And considering the fact that most of the memorable events takes place during holidays and on vacations, the unveiling of Xperia XZ could not have been timelier. The device is close to most Xperia phones especially the Xperia X, only with few improvements on the camera and the rounded edges.It is however fair to note that the Japanese company has redefined its iconic boxy phone design coming up with a brilliant new packaging on the Xperia XZ. The phone is one of the best looking phones the company has ever produced with the deep blue, black and silver color designs.

The device has a 23-megapixel rear camera with triple image sensing technology to analyze, adapt and capture best shots even in challenging conditions. The lesser autofocus sensor judges distance and helps to quickly lock focus on objects to elude blur. The infra-red sensor accurately captures colors. With the imaging sensor and a lesser autofocus sensor you can freeze motion in sharpest detail eve in low lighting situations. This camera starts in 0.6 seconds only thus ensuring no delay when you quickly need a photo event. The photo-pros of this phone’s camera ensures advanced movement and color capture.

True-to Life Colors

The Xperia XZ phone contains RGBC-IR sensors which delivers incredibly accurate colors regardless of the lighting. The technology helps the camera to analyze and adapt to any light. The result will be photos with colors just as you see them. The double-digit megapixels and low-light sensors up front produces sharper selfies in a wide angle.

Tailored for Comfort

The uncluttered design of Xperia XZ is meant for comfort and attractive appeal. The phone is made of new metal material called ALKALEIDO, which makes it less slippery in the hand. The material gives the phone a premium finish. The top and bottom edges are flat to allow the phone stand up on its end. The soft, rounded form makes the phone comfortable to hold. Besides all these comfort tailoring technology, the Xperia XZ also boasts of the IP68 waterproofing design. This technology may be rated the same as that of Samsung Galaxy S7 and Sony Xperia Z5 meaning that the phone is safe in damp conditions.

Performance and Battery

The Xperia XZ phone smartly uses intelligent charging. The phone learns of your charging patterns and adapts to them, resulting up to twice as much for the battery lifespan. Sony’s new flagship boasts of Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with 3GB of RAM.


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